It’s Official!


Our Chair, Fred Profeta, received the following by email July 28 from Joe Seebode, Deputy Engineer for the Corps’ New York District (which includes us):


“Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

Fred–I have seen the letter from NJDEP supporting Alternatives 4 and 7a. Based on that letter, the position of the Mayor’s Council, and from what we heard at the public meetings, we are moving out with the detailed planning, analysis, and engineering for Alternatives 4 and 7A. We await decisions on future federal funding to enable the efforts to move forward.

We do not intend to spend additional time, funds or efforts on the other alternatives that were considered.


We’ll soon have additional information as to how you can help support the flood relief measures that have been recommended. These are important to our friends in Millburn, Union, Springfield and Cranford. They helped us oppose the dam, and now we owe them our help. Floods are no fun!

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